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Circulaire Shoppers Drug Mart - 23 Octobre 2021 - 28 Octobre 2021 - Produits soldés - Nestlé, Oreo, popcorn, riz, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, shampooing, L'Oréal Paris, Always, Colgate, Dove, Gillette, Vichy, Systane, Tampax, Nivea, Pantene, Sensodyne, Rimmel London, mascara. Page 1.
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Faites défiler le catalogue Shoppers Drug Mart valable du 23 Octobre 2021 au 28 Octobre 2021 pour découvrir les dernières offres. Sur les 22 pages du circulaire de la semaine actuelle, vous trouverez les meilleurs produits de la catégorie Hygiène, Beauté et Parfum. Si vous tenez à réduire vos dépenses lors de votre prochaine visite chez Shoppers Drug Mart, n'oubliez pas de consulter l'intégralité des promos de la page 1 à la page 22. Si vous désirez faire des achats astucieux et économiser lors de vos prochaines courses chez Shoppers Drug Mart, ne manquez pas le dernier catalogue de la semaine, qui propose des prix incroyables et des remises exceptionnelles. Revenez sur Canadian Flyers tous les jours pour ne pas rater les formidables promotions proposées par vos magasins favoris.

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Produits dans ce circulaire

Check out our digital flyer for more savings at or with the PC OptimumTM App. SHOPPERS SHOPPERS DRUG MART THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24 $20 Seniors' GET A 10 == $20 Get a FREE Bonus 20% PLUS Shoppers Drug Mart Bonus Cord with o purchase of S60 or more on almost anything in the store with a PC Optimum card on almost all regular priced merchandise. Day SAVINGS BONUS CARD SHOPPERS DRUG MART SAVINGS CARD SHOPPERE How will you spend it? when you spend S75 or moret on almost anything in-store. See poge fer details See poge for detaite 2 DAY SALE Saturday, October 23 and Sunday, October 24 Only! 便 Advil LIFESAVERS Werthers RIZ Original BOOSI Advil OREO Coca-Cola BOOST Original 2/SE LIFE SAVERS -130er WERTHER'S ORIGINAL CANY 199 21S5 219 coca-COLA PEPSI BEVERAGES 6710 799 oesT MEAL REPLACEM ENt SHAKES 6S 1099 VI PAN RELET RODUCTS 36-150's Selectet hpes CHRISTE COORES o CRACHERS Selected pes & Saes RUNCHIES SNACK ML MISS VICKES CHPSo SMARTFOOD POPCORN Selected pes& Ses Selected oes & Ses Salected foes Selected Tpes 4 Liet h t 14 Restaf We 14is .....*. 29 ch Limt en Wk Aer it estef k Atw int24 Ate bt ............ .............. 23 boxes 6 botes 1 Colgate Cascado Royale 12 = 24 Rlls Dove 126 Colgate kaxtresh 23 Royale Oryna 88 299 ovE 30 149 E P FACIAL TISSUE E' COLGATE EXRACLEAN MANIN 99 RE 199 E CASCADE AR CARE PRODUCIS Selected loe& Sos Excludes Pemm Large Ses CISHNASHER DETIRGENT or BLADE AR CARE PRODUcts Selectie Tpes & Sam BATHROOM TSSE CAVITY PROTECTON Cet MAXFRESH S TOOTHPASTE Seched on HAR CARE PRODUCTS Selected Tpes & Sias Ectudes Large Ss Pemiun & ryShanpe Ral - 12 Ral Seleted os IACH Linti Ate nt Lit Aerit99 Unt A lt Wek Ar lt 495 Af lint499 6 DAYS OF SAVINGS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23 TO THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28 18 Pack Up to 40 607 Coca-Cola 299 PANTENE Whole Blends each each off uconamine Chondroitin OB. L'ORÉAL HAIR EPERISE 085l) WHOLE BLENDS LIFE BRAND VITAMIN or NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS Selected Types & SizeS 00tie PANTENE HAIR CARE PRODUCTS Selected ypes & Se Ecludes Large Ses. Premium Dry Shampoo & Pantene Colour COCA-COLA r PEPSI BEVERAGES 18x 355ml Selected Types Vaman 18 LOREAL OLAY EYES Royale D Royale Tge Gillett МАX Rovale p la FE BRAND MSDES 40% 25% roRtAL AGE PERIECI GLAY EVESo REGENERST MAA FACIAL MOISTURVERS Selected hon & San 99 JAMIESON BUPROFEN (1, MUSal BACK (1000 ACETAMINONEN 150-500PN RELIEF 9ODUCTS Selected Tpes ............. 25 20% GILLETTE MACO- 1. RUSION 4S-r VENUS 43-6ICARTRIDGES Seected Types ROYALE TICER PC MAX PAPER 1OMELS 2 Rol - 5Rat achSelected pes Lme & er int s9 ROYALE FACIAL TISSUES 's-12s UntEAter lint 109 i S MAMIN PRODUCTS Sencte Types & Sum ..... BENYLIN Systane Systane TOST.TOS TYLENOL CHCWY ate SYSTANE EYE DROPS o 699 oVE BENYLIN ALL IN-ONE TLENDL COMPLETELIQUID ach17 - CARETS 25% NIVEA BOOY WASH S00ti ROLL ON Son STICK 4-0 APERSHRANTDEDOORANT DOVE 399 TOSTITOS TORTILLA or RUFFLES POATO CHP Seicted Types & Sian THE DECADENT COOKE a0g-300. QUANER CHEWY PC SMEET SALY SNCK BARS (5 Seich ed ypes &Ss BODY POLISH o BAR SOMP x 106e Selected Tpes Seleched ypen MAS Selected los 2 h Selected hom ............ .... ............... (Orale Tetley GREAT CANADIAN TOSSIMO Creset SSE SENSODYNE 149 LESTERINE MOUTWASH 250 SENSO0YNE acOonASTE (75el- 100ml) FIREILY KOS READY GO 1OOTHEROH IT Seletted lypes I$10 699 KLLE COLOR LIMAGE o NUTRISSE HAR COLOUR TETLEY TEA CA-22o DRAL- MANGAL OOTHERSHTY-2 CREST PRO-HEALTH (10 or 30TE (75ml-115m 1099 MAGIC ROOT COVER UP. FÉRIA Jor EXCELLENCE HAR COLOUR Selected loes 699 Seleded tpes for SELECTED TASSINO COFFEE POOS Selected pes on - TOOTHPASTE Wech Seerted os ..............+ ........ ..... HARIBO 50 LIFE BRAND 00 Selected ypes 21/57 HANKNS ESIE S-PAK CHEEZES I4 /NARIO MINIS (25oor MAYNAROS FUN TREATS Selected oes 199 COLGATE 25 2/$ NESTLE MINS MARS S0 899 NR REVERSA SKN CARE PRODUCTS Seectet ypes & Sum 1399 ERAND BLADRER SUPPORT PRODUCTS 3 BATTERY TOOTHeUS ach N FONS OF MAINE o HELLO NARAL ORAL CARE PCOUCTS Selectel ypes Ss TELESCOPIC MASCARA RIMMEL LONDON LASTING INSH FOUNDANON Selected lees FUN TREATS Selected ypes ach 90 90 FUN Up to 799 20 1299 VICHY TARA each each TAMPONT ALWAYS PAOS 20-36 TAMPAX RADIANT (32i or LORGANIC COTTON (30 TAMPONS Selected Types VICHY IDEALA, LIFTACTIV or NEOVADIOL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS Selected Types & Sizes MARS 195). CADBURY o MAYNARDS os 95 A V VICHY DEALIA TAMPAX VICHY UTACIV FUN TREATS Prices in effect from Saturday, October 23 to Thursday, October 28, 2021. Our Regular Price. While ouantities last We eserve the nght to linit quanttes .........

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