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BULK Met NUTRITIONAL RED STAR YEAST LEVURE NUTRITIONELLE RED STAR Scene MEMBER PRICING EACH H&H HEALTHY AND HAPPY THAI HONEY MANGO tried Maago, No Colours, No Flavours Added Mangue Sectée. Sans Colorants ni Arôme Ajouté 8.99 EACH The GFB Bites 113 g without Scene+ Card 99 EACH LIST MANCE H&H'S SMA NATURAL 5.99 Tree Island Plant-Based Yogurt 350 g Made in Courtenay with Scene+ Card GET 1 Left Coast Organics Popcorn 1.3 kg FREE BUY 1 Left Coast Naturals Nutritional Yeast 400 g H&H Dried Fruit 454 g Scane CREAMY PROBIOTIC TREE ISLAND Plant-based Hong Heart & Coconut Yogurt NATURAL YE 350 RICULOUSLY TASTY PROTEIN-PACKED SNACKS COLLATIONS RICHES EN PROTEINES TRES SAVOURE 113 g 6g GLUTEN FREE Bites GFB bouchées aux noix de coco et PLANT dark chocolate cochocolat noir WE PICK BC FIRST Gluten FREE 12⁹0⁰⁰ /100 G .100 PTS when you buy 400 g 2.⁹99⁹ 6.99 Little Northern Bakehouse Bread, Buns or Bagels 320-567 g Guayaki Yerba Mate 458 ml Ⓒ Walnuts Halves & Pieces or Crumbs .100 PTS when you buy 2 2/550 cent ORGANICS SEEDS& GRAINS ORGANIC POPCORN MAIS SOUFFLE JAUNE BIOLOGIQUE Ultimate Royal Nut Mix Salted or Unsalted SEEINS 22. GRAINS ET CEREALES L E ORGANIC PLAIN BAGELS BAGELS GUAYAKI O BIOLOGIOS GUAYAKI RBA O TE ENLIGHTEN MINT MENTHE VIVE EN MINT -OSARIC/BIOLOGIOSE SE VIVE YERBA MATE TEDx NON SPARKLING BEVERAGE BOISSON NON PETILLANTE ad GREVERAGE PETILLANTE BAKERY & more 6.100 PTS when you buy 2 EACH Scene MEMBER PRICING 849 EACH 100 PTS when you buy 2 EACH Cheesecake Slice Baked In-Store EACH without Compliments Muffins Scene+ Card 4-6 Pack 400-600 g Snickerdoodle Cookies Baked In-Store 8 Pack, 270 g ORGANIC 8.100 PTS Compliments Organic Broth 900 ml with Scene+ Card 150 PTS when you buy 1 when you buy 3 compliments ORGANIC 2.9⁹ CC BIOLOGIQUE EACH 124⁹ Compliments Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml LIMITED TIME offer CHICKEN BROTH BOUILLON DE FOULET compliments SIOLOGIQUE CHICKEN BRO BOGELLON DE POLET CB OH. 1STE PARKERHELFEA EACH a .100 PTS when you buy 1 EACH Brioche Butter Topped Buns Baked In-Store 12 Pack, 400 g Evive Organic Smoothie Cubes 405 g 4.⁹9 EACH Santa Cruz Organic Juice 946 ml VEGAN evive SMOOTHIE CUBES ww 182 VIVA PRETTIRES SUPER SLIMENTE 3-6PORTIONS 1405 ge SANTA CRUZ ganic. HAD YOU 7 NEW NOUVEAU SANTA CRUZ ganic. WY LEMONAD 5 TF_WK44_POS

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