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REXALL CORPORATE BRANDS Clinically Proven Éprouvé en clinique YOU SAVE MORE Be better Fluconazole 150 Fluconazole Capsule House Standard, 150 mg Capsule de Fluconazole norme maison, 150 mg FIBRE LAXATIVE Smooth Texture LAXATIF MUCILAGINEL Texture lisse Option+ Sugar Free/Sans sucre Orange SVET VEGAN PROTEIN LE SAVE 10% 1149 PROTÉINES VEGETALIENNES Rexall Dual action formula DECADENT CHOCOL CHOCOLAT DECADor 1 Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream TERN 3-1 A single dose to e most wignal peast in the deseo querit la part des in apdes LOVE OUR BRANDS Quality & value you can count on. 42⁹⁹ 99 ea. the patie Malý Rexall Rexall Hydrocortisone Cream USP 0.5% with Aloe Anti-tch Cream 30g Option+ Option+ Ultra Thin Ultra minces 66660 dzies SAVE 10% DIN C onl pr 160 2.⁹9 99 pkg. 16 000 PADS/SERVETts Be better Rexall Fibre Laxative Laxatif à base de fibres IN VEGAN PROTEIN SOMN SON PROTEINES VEGETALIENNES 114 660 * OPTION+ or REXALL BRAND Fibre Laxatives Selected Types and Sizes *off reg. price Rexall VANILLA REAR GOUSSE Option+ ●●000 Clotrimazole External Cream Refill Ontario Cream L Rexall * REXALL BRAND First Aid Topical Cream or Ointment *off reg. price -Senady Covershest Protage-dessous non parfums Rand Panty Liners Protège-dessous Rexall BE BETTER Vegan or Whey Nutritional Powders REGULAR/RÉGULIER Combi 1Day/Jour Complete Antibiotic Ointment Onguent antibiotique complet Rexall ANTIFUNGAL ANTIFONGIQUE Extra Strength Clotrimazole Extra fort - Fluconazole Combi Crème externe-recharge de clotrimazole Cime de cobrazon&TICUSP Clonazole Extra Strength External Antifungal Cream+Fluconazole 150 Clobima extra forte crime atdongsque exteme+Fluconale 150 30g Enjoy the same great value and quality, now with our new brand. 401 N Clotrimazole External Cream Refill Clotrimae Cream US D Nu sensacry WILD OPTION+ Pads or Liners Select Types Spe 15 d TM CSP de 25, Option+ is our new brand for Rexall branded products. 10 Option+ INS al Cale Ca de 50 ASA ACETYLSALICYLIC ACID DELAYED-RELEASE TABLETS USP 81 mg COATED TO HELP PREVENT STOMACH IRRITATION Re CALL 911, THEN CRUSH OR CHEW 2 TABLETS ASA MAY HELP SAVE YOUR LIFE IF YOU THINK YOU ARE HAVING A HEART ATTACK Daily Low Dose for Doctor Recommended Preventive Therapy ("see insert for heart attack signs and symptom EXTRA STRENGTH Cold and Sinus Relief Combo CONTAINS ACETAMINOPHEN AND OTHER INGREDIENTS 24 Hour Convenience Pack Nighttime S Rexall Men's 5-Blade Cartridges Cartouches Semes homm SAVE 15% www Longer Lasting 640600 RASPORUN 10 MIMIMIN Rexall WWW Option+ Protective Underwear Culottes protectrices MEDIUM/TEN124311200 SAVE 10% Rexall First Aid Tough Bandages Waterproo La se spado spetoro BUY ONE Select Types GET ONE *regular price 50% OFF REXALL BRAND Antifungal Treatment *off reg. price 20 CALL 911, THEN CRUSH ORCHEW 2 TABLETS ASA MAY HELP SAVE YOUR LIFE IF YOU THINK YOU ARE HAVING A HEART ATTACK see imert for heart attack signs & symptoms OPTION+ or REXALL BRAND Cough, * Cold, Flu, Sinus Relief or Nasal Care Products Selected Types and Sizes *off reg. price Onguent Effet Vapeur Contre Le Rhume 14.⁹⁹ 99 pkg. Vapourizing Cold Rub Ointment 1+2 Assorted O Rexall Men's 5-Blade System Rexall actual size 660004 Rexall™ REXALL BRAND Blade Refills, Manual or Disposable Razors or Shave Preps Rexall Nasal Decongestant Spray with Moisturizers Vaporisateur nesal decongestionna ovec hydratats DIN 02433044 Rexall **Mix and Match, second item to be of equal or lesser value Option+ Protective Underwear Culottes protectrices LANGA-HANG-TI REGULAR Shave Foam MOT First Aid Fabric Bandages Stretch Comfort REXALL BRAND BUY ONE Bandages Selected GET ONE 50%OFF Types and Sizes regular price **Mix and Match, second item to be of equal or lesser value toate sen 180 ENTERIC 50 Kosmos Ganhe 3116 ASA 81 mg Acetylsalicylic Acid Delayed-Release Tablets USP Daily low dose for doctor-recommended preventive therapy 16 OPTION+ Protective Underwear Repul DIN 02244993 Muscle & Back Pain Relief Soulagement SAVE 15% Enteric 180 Tablets Be better FORHO THERMOMETER THERMOMETE FOONTAL a Option+ D 1000 IU SAVE 15% Rexall Tongue Cleaner Nettole-langue Bone REGULAR STRENGTH BISMUTH REGULIER Rexall SAIN SOOTHING Sentie-Chelit Body Wash des douleurs musculaires Be better N APANT POUR LA PEAU pad in cor 170 Rexall kids Toothbrushes Brosses à dents pour enfants verrout REXALL BRAND Extra or Regular Strength Muscle & Back Pain or Muscle and Back Pain Platinum Relief Caplets 18's-100's *off reg. price HON CONTACT 100 BUY ONE GET ONE FREE OPTION+ or REXALL BRAND ASA Coated Daily Low Dose 81mg Tablets 180's *Mix and Match, free item to be of equal or lesser value Rexall Be COD LIVER OIL WITH VITAMONDS 1250 Rexall Muscle and Back Pain Platinum Relief b fueri Soulagement des douleurs musculaires et dorsales Platine Com -Fathers Option+ Calcium Antacid SACCONTE Assorted Berries Antiacide à base CARTE Bales variées BE BETTER Thermometers Select Models *off reg. price eight Rexall™ Be better 100 FEVER THERMOMETER THERMOMETRE MEDICAL you SONE HEALTH Rexall Cotton Swabs 100% COTTON TIPS SPOTRES BERON Rexall HET Gel MEGH COME Immediate Toothache Pain Relief Soulagement immédiat du mal de dents MAXIMUM STRENGTH Oral Anesthetic Gel WACANCIES CONCENTRATION MAXIMALE westhesique oral Be better ALLION CTIVE CELLS ACIDOPHILUS | BIFIDUS Rexall Foam Bath Bain moussant Relaxing Paraben Fr Relaxant-Sans parite OF Cleans in 3 Minutes DIGESTIVE HEALTH MALLAR STRET Bismuth Option+ Melatonin MAKMUM STRENGTH QUICK-DISSOLVE BUY ONE GET ONE regular price 50% OFF multi-symptom relief e Vere Moisturizing Hand Soap Savon hydratant pour r les mains 340mL Rexall BABY SHAMPOO SHAMPOOING FOUR GEBE Rexall Daily Care Antibacterial Denture Cleanser Option+ profen Tablets 200 mg PENTHLETE AP Comprimés REXALL BRAND Baby Accessories or Toiletries **Mix and Match, second item to be of equal or lesser value 1299 Bismuth Subsalicylate Caplets Fast, soothing relief of heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea OROWSE SANS SELENC 24 Hr Nasal Allergy Relief Be Premium Plus Rexall 000000 Soulagement 24 heures des allergies nasales Rexall Bismuth Caplets Of 200 mg Option+ Magnesium Citrate Afactor in the maintenance of good health SAVE 15% Paal Ext Sotapety 100 150 T Rexall WENTHE Extra Comfort Sole dentaire Floss confort extra 150 mL fi/Pe SAVE 15% 24 caplets Rexall™™ Moisturizing Hand Soap Savon hydratant pour les mains Rexall 40 yd (437m) DOCEN EFELET 50 52 C Formu 120 Containe Acetaminophen Contit de l'acitandphone EXTRA PORT EXTRA STRENGT Acetaminophen Tablets 500 mg USP Comprimés d'acétaminophene 500 mg USP 200 Real Plantar Fascii Gel Arch Sleev Manchons pour fasci plantai Be better Rexall REGULAR STRENGTH Ibuprofen Tablets 200 mg Comprimés d'ibuprofène 200 mg REGULAR OPTION+ or REXALL BRAND Extra Strength Acetaminophen or Regular Strength Ibuprofen Tablets or Caplets 200's hout reliet Rexall Allergy Formula Liquid Capsules contre les allergies Capsules liquides 25 akafyrstur ile durity 25 mg c www O Be OPTION+ or * REXALL BRAND Allergy Relief Products Selected Types and Sizes *off reg. price Rexall Extra Strength Allergy Relief Cetirizine Hydrochloride Tablets 10 mg CAN START TO WORK IN 20 MINUTES LASTS 24 HOURS Suges LOCO PRESSURE MASTY CHECK Rexall Gel Heel Liner Doublure en gel pour talon SAVE 20% BUY ONE GET ONE FREE R 200 * BE BETTER Blood Pressure Monitors Select Models *off reg. price BUY ONE GET ONE™ 50%OFF 2 FOR $9% 4.79 REXALL BRAND Oral Health Products Select Types *regular price **Mix and Match, second item to be of equal or lesser value Caplets or Liquid Selected Types and Sizes de REXALL BRAND, BE BETTER or OPTION+ Vitamins, Minerals or Supplements *Mix and Match, free item to be of equal or lesser value ea. OPTION+ or REXALL BRAND Calcium Antacids or Bismuth SANGGE 20 BUY ONE GET ONE™ 50% OFF Callus Filer Lime pour callosités REXALL BRAND Body Wash, Foam Bath or Liquid Hand Soap or Refills Select Types *regular price **Mix and Match, second item to be of equal or lesser value * REXALL BRAND, OPTION+ or KIT Foot Care Products *off reg. price

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