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FRUIT & VEG MEAT & SEAFOOD FARMER'S MARKET RED ONIONS PRODUCT OF ONTARIO, CANADA NO. 1 GRADE, 10 LB BAG 20171965000 EA BUNCH SPINACH PRODUCT OF U.S.A. 2012840001EA Life Blessed Ramadan EJ! Enjoy a bountiful iftar for less: ADGSHALA Maste SUFRAⓇ HALAL CHICKEN THIGHS FRESH, UP TO 1.54G 21430672 A CRISPY POUND CAKE SELECTED VARIETIES, 368 G 20814078 A Zabiha Halal CORN DOC ZABIHA HALAL CORN DOG FROZEN, 1 KG 21406950EA 12m 1 kg Cauta No 1 CRITE B ALWAYS PRICED coconut pound cake Mate Bromo Quatre-quarts aux noix de coco coconut $9 199 $13 GROCERY 8⁹9 ROMA TOMATOES PRODUCT OF MEXICO, NO. 1 GRADE 201433810010 CRISPY ROTI SELECTED VARIETIES, 15'S 21195607 A 350 *Prices effective at Superstore Mississauga Argentia, Toronto Brimley, Brampton, Toronto Weston, Ajax, Toronto Don Mills, Mississauga Mavis, Kitchener, London Oxford East, Oakville, Ottawa Richmond, Milton, Aurora, London Oxford, Whitby, Ottawa Innes, Windsor Dougall, Windsor Walker, Toronto Gerry Fitzgerald Dr, Kanata, Newmarket. See back page of flyer for details. Prices and offers effective from Thursday, February 29th to Wednesday, March 6th, 2024 unless otherwise stated. DRALA Chile Brin SUFRA HALAL CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS FRESH, UP TO 1.575 G 2143064.A SUFRA HALAL BREADED CHICKEN SELECTED VARIETIES, FROZEN, 568-840 G 21179710.JA CEDAR BAKERY PITA SELECTED VARIETIES, 330 G 21500350 Plexi & pod BABY CRISPY Just Bakedy ROTI Original Originale ABAND-ABATA LA MAN Sutra Chicken Burgers ended chicken FLOCKED INTERNET CAT Burgers de poulet colpe de poin delal poodes BIGGER 15 PACK CEDAR BAKERY خبز البلد LING 1100-300g SHING) HOME SHOP NOW 199 4.39/KG $13 ALWAYS $10 2.⁹9 99 199 fd

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