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BERSE JORDANS MORNING CRIS HOME RE 4339 m Lot Pos Bisc 4.99 reach Teach Jordans Morning Crisp or Muesli 375g/400g Kühne Selection you Mis Manis FE JORDAN RIO mare ORGANIC MORNING MUESLI 35% 2 for 105.49 each Lotus Biscoff Biscuit Spread 400g 963 Solid Light Tuna in Clive Cl Thon påle entier castoale doive UTARA Se 1932 Lotus Biscoff SCUIT SCAD ALTAN Kühne Gray, Vin SO DET BARE METERETITS Mak Ma Kühne Pickled Beets, Gherkins or Onions 500ml et 240g 13x80g) 599 Dorset Cereals 540g-620g Lindl TAGA 2 for 11⁰⁰ or $5.99 each 2 for 6⁰⁰ FESTIN 3 Net 160 g Lindt Chocolate Spread 200g or $3.49 each Red Cabbage Choux Rouc pykan RIO mare Solid Light Tuna in olive on Thon påle entie dana fie d'olive 2 for 7000 dorset cereals simply Dadlager henn k e MECHAN s Lindl MARKOLAT Kühne Red Cabbage or Sauerkraut 720ml Sauerkraut Choucroute ERAL Saman S Dade 720 ml RIO mare Insalatissime Liken Turas Selad Salade de thon paie MEXICAN STYLE À LA MEXICAINT Soms comard pepp or $3.99 each Rio Mare Tuna or Tuna Salad 160g 2 for 800 reach St.Dalfour Fruit Spread 225ml Appel Herring Fillets Filets de hareng 37. BALFOUR PPM Sky N ST. DALFOUR sa orasida Wild Bluebeny Deluxe Spurst 200 g Bluets Sauvage or $4.49 each Nutella Hazelnut Spread 375g 2 for 700 nutella cks 5.⁹9 Kühne Barrel Dill Pickles 1L Küchne For D Geuchitralavah-muntahan! Az Appel 375 g Herring Fiets WAKA Filets de hareng b Frage: 200 g Pick up In Store or Ship to Home ROBERTSO THICK 2 for 700 or $3.99 each Robertson's Marmalade 250ml 599 Rio Mare Tuna In Olive Oil.A or $3.99 each 3x80g Appel Herring Fillets 200g Rainchecks may not be available on some flyer merchandise. All prices are shown before applicable taxes. Provincial Recycling Environmental levy may apply on select items. MACKAYS SEVILLE ORANGE MARMALADE 2 for 650 or $3.79 each Mackays Marmalade 340g 3400 ROBERI SONS Yogurt Yogourt 2 for 7⁰ 70 $3.99 each Kühne Salad Dressing 250ml or Mustard In A Beer Mug 250ml 340g MACKAYS VINTAGE DUNDEE ORANGE MARMALADE TULIP Luncheon Meat Viande à Lunch 2 for 703.99 each Tulip Luncheon Meat 340g TATA MATI 4.49 Maille Dijon Mustard 200ml Sai 260 Period Protein Bread/Pain protéiné 796 ml MAILLE. Dijon Originals 2 for 700 or $3.49 each Mestemacher Bread 250g/500g (Excludes Pumpernickel) 5.⁹⁹ San Remo Apple Cider Vinegar 1L 206 m Surfer Seed Rye Br 2 for 700 or $3.99 each Kühne Sauerkraut 796ml Ne Kilkana Sauerkraut 796 ml Choucroute SAN REMO ORGANIC LE CIDER VINEGAR se ciern PASCLE 19 Pg 5

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