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thumbnail - Circulaire Fortinos - 29 Février 2024 - 06 Mars 2024 - Produits soldés - gâteau, donut, raisins, thon, Président, mayonnaise, bonbons, chips, huile, huile d'olive, soda, eau de source, Candy. Page 10.
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ge PCⓇ or Blue MenuⓇTAIL cranberry cocktail selected varieties 20307025001 EA 349 CRANBERRY PCⓇ President's Choice, PC soft drinks selected varieties.c 21087279 C06 249 Baltic Pandant's Class ich 100% JUICE APPLE 6x222 mL & 10 x 230 mmch ONLINE 10 de-alcoholized wine selected varieties 21045800 EA 7.99 0 mL Try It, You'll Love It. Guaranteed ™! If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of any President's Choice food products, simply return it along with receipt or original package for an exchange or refund. Low Sodium CLUB SODA PFLEG B PARURE GREINA mini GINGER 100% JUICE 100% JUICE APPLE APPLE bared PCⓇ 100% juice boxes 10x200 mLed varieties CHARDONNAY 100% JUICE APPLE CH Bude Cha ech KETCHUP TOMATES PCⓇ ketchup 20090124 EA/28131845 EA c 11 ALE 150/890 mL Best Ch COR 750 ml/1 L TOMATO KETCHUP Aux TOMATES PCⓇ mayonnaise selected varieties 20301438 EA/20769626 EA Chan Cate MAYONNAISE Caminifut PCⓇ pure vanilla extract 21517817 EA PCⓇ donut or cake mix selected varieties 20219370 EA/21471926 EA Se 39,90 VANILLA 7 DE VANILLE 399 PLEINES DE SAVEUR KETCHUP Susiti Chane Schaue 249 Pindi Cha le Char LOADS OF KETCHUP FLAVOUR Pla schiabian MAYONNAISE Old-Fushioned CAKE DONUT -Baling Bedd BEIGNES- GÂTEAUX l'ancienne President's Choice PCⓇ cereal 20775732 EA/20781434 EA @ 100g LOADS OF RAISINS 570-725 g Pale Ch Eche 200 go= a PCⓇ Loads Of™ Flavour or World of Flavours™ potato chips 20840911001 EA/21387574 EA 200 WORLD OF FLAVOURS TACO SAVEURS DU MONDE President's Choices ROASTED CASHEWS PCⓇ President Chan THE DECADENT The Decadent ⓇOCOLATE CHIP cookies6 selected varieties 20612256 EA COOKIE 579 8499 PCⓇ roasted cashews selected varieties 21054943 EA President's Choice. CRISPY Rice President's Chris CAMOMILE HERBAL TEA 24g ✔ 349 20's 2005 Bent Chinese Chris Rude PEPPERMINT CANDY BONBONS A LA MENTHE POIVREE Chefall 549 President's Chois PCⓇ herbal tea 21105270 EA LEMON GINGER HERBAL TEA 12x500 229 Chocolate Milk Mix F's Che 350-750 g 21125237_EA PCⓇ oil spray selected varieties 21088806 EA/21093990 EA S PCⓇ hot chocolate selected varieties d OLIVE OIL HUILE D'OLIVE 37,⁹70 PL mL 120-170 NATURAL SPRING WATER-EAU DE SOURCE NATURELLE Yan CANOLA OIL HUILE DE CANOLA AURU PCⓇ spring water 12x500 mL 20005571_C12 Blue MENU ✓URE OF SOUT ✓NO ALT SWEET & TENDER SMALL PEAS 149 14f1c KERNEL CORN PC® Blue Menu® PEACHES & CREAM canned vegetables selected varieties 20310986 EA/20314308 EA 341/398 mL Bl MENU Bla HO PEARL BARLEY ORGE PERLE 229 170 g Ble MENU queen olives 20051164 EA 12 11 or ✓ President & Choices le choix de Presidents PLAKED WHITE TUNA THON BLANC EMIETTE RETAINABLY SOURCED WILD ALBACE GERMON SAUVAGE DE SOURCE DURABLE 500 mL OF PO PC® Blue Menu Ⓡ barley 20630492 EA FRITH-FED Cha PCⓇ MSC albacore tuna selected varieties 20529153 EA/21081427 EA MSC PCⓇ COLOSSAL GUREN OLIVES OLIVER RENES colossal stuffed COLOSSALES

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