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thumbnail - Circulaire Fortinos - 29 Février 2024 - 06 Mars 2024 - Produits soldés - salade, ail, gingembre, chou, myrtille, mangue, oranges, Caesar, dressing. Page 3.
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Produits dans ce circulaire

PRODUCE Nature's Bounty arriving fresh daily! Air FLOWN 449 Hot! Palmer mango product of Brazil each 20025410001 EA NEW 19.82/kg Prepared IN STORE DAILY FORT 2 VT 500 g PC® Organics romaine hearts product of U.S.A. 20599776001 EA bullet hot peppers product of Morocco 21598683001 KG 5.9⁹9 3's celery and carrot mix 21011427 EA Organics Biologique ROMAINE LETTUCE HEARTS COEURS DE LAITUE ROMAINE Burkhallen O 3 LETTUCE HEARTS PRODUCT OF USA COURS DE LATTUE PRODUIT DES E-UA 9.8 oz 169 bunch ● BLUEBERRIES BLEUETS a WE Organics Biologique green onions product of Mexico, no. 1 grade. 20107500001 EA PCⓇ Organics blueberries product of Argentina, no. 1 grade 21179969001 EA Celery Sticks DANDY SWEETER CRISPIER T & Organics Foodland CONTARIO 3 Biologique Duda celery sticks product of U.S.A. BUTTON DE PARIS 17.galesie" ANDY BOY 2006 489 PICK ORGANIC Over 150 items available every day! . 5.93/kg 7.25/kg Organic Tarocco 5 lb blood oranges product of Spain 20002145001 KG large fennel product of U.S.A. or green zucchini product of Mexico, no. 1 grade 20003346001 KG/20426596001 KG Taylor Farms organic chopped salads selected varieties, product of U.S.A. 21542617 EA/21542647 EA PC® Organics cremini or white button mushrooms product of Ontario 21245220 EA/21005170 EA 59.9⁹€ 207-305 Taylor FARMS 46⁹ 6's ORGANIC BIOLOGIQUE Kale Caesar César au Chou Frisé CHOPPED KIT SALADE HACHÉE with Creamy Cassar Dressing HOLINI SALATE PROVEN Valge Cloon Crimeuse 207 g 158951m Try Me! Saturday, March 2 & Sunday, March 3! 11am - 5pm GINGER GINGEMBRE 180g PRODUCT OF PERU/PRODUNT U PERCO Cosmic Crisp apples product of U.S.A., Extra Fancy Grade 21240884001 KG 399 each mini cucumbers product of Canada, Canada no. 1 grade 20737570001 EA 7D Mangoes Mangues STORE 6.59/kg Orginics Biolong 74.9 140 g Garlic. Ail 115 PRODUCT OF 5% PRODUIT DESERUA 140g 4.9 PC Organics garlic 115 g, product of U.S.A. or ginger 160 g, product of Peru 20717130001 EA/21102204001 EA KSA 7D dried mangoes product of Philippines 21127686 EA COSMIC 3507 COSMIC 6.59/kg MANN'S FAMILY FAVORITES Stringless Sugar Snap Peas Pois sugar snap sans fil NET WEIGHT POIDS NET 2020 Roz Lil Snapper honeycrisp organic apples product of U.S.A., no. 1 grade $8.99 3 lb 799 449 Kovannk COSMIC 3507 Heirloom tomatoes product of Ontario, Canada no. 1 grade 20154799001 KG SMIC CRISP Mann's snap or snow peas product of U.S.A. 170/227 g 20712998 EA/20712967 EA Sumit ARTISAN orcieries Fraenite Li Sharpay d Lil Snappers organic apples selected varieties, product of U.S.A., Extra Fancy grade 20712841001 EA

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