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Circulaire Costco - 01 Septembre 2018 - 31 Octobre 2018. Page 75.
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MEMBERCONNECTION Resident cats pose for a picture while customers dine in the background at Café Chat L'Heureux in Montreal. Inset: A cat-inspired coffee drink from the café's menu. Paws-itively purr-fect BY CHRISTINA GUERRERO COSTCO MEMBER Nicole Niska learned of [the cafés] were also adoption faci with the cats, and they're smiling and they about cat cafés while vacationing in ties where you could adopt the cats there, look totally happy." Seattle, Washington. When she returned whereas in Europe and Montreal they Cat cafés allow potential adopters to home, she quit her job andopened herown weren't adoptable. cat café in Edmonton interact with adoptable cats in a homelike Costco member Clément Marty dis setting where they can see the cats' true "I got sick and tired of working for covered cat cafés in Tokyo when he visited personalities. Many café owners workwith the man and decided to become the man Japan 10 years ago. He used crowdfund local shelters or cat rescues to find felines myself" says Niska, who co-owns Paws ing to raise $50,000 to open his own veg- that will get along well in acolony. The cats The Cat Café ( with etarian café, called Café Chat L'Heureux get comfortable interacting with different her husband, Michael. "Instead of being (, in Montreal; it visitors, who come in to play with them someone else's employee, why not build a serves as a home to resident cats as well as using the cat toys that are provided team andempower andhelp cats that need afoster home for adoptable kittens homes, and create a really awesome fun, creative spot for people to come drink a animal lovers whose rental properties being around people and [that] can handle really good cup of coffee. "They send us cats that will do well in social situations with other cats, that like Cat cafés provide an opport unity for don'tallow pets to spend quality time with the commotion, like the café atmosphere," At a cat café you can pick up a cup of some furry friends. Marty says purr ther Furbacher says. "I think it's helped the coffee and other delicacies and make your apy," or interacting with cats, has even shelter a lot, because it frees up more space way to a lounge area full of cats. Cat cafés been shown to help reduce stress and anx for other cats that may be more shy: They originated in Taiwan in the 1990s and iety-after all, it's hard to be tense when are just as great, but they might not thrive in that kind of a setting.... I think it just Furbacher adds, "Sometimes people expands the possibilities of what we're able strayed to Japan, Korea, Europe and, more recently, the United States and Canada. petting a purring kitty. Costco member Michelle Furbacher ll come in and they seem really stressed to do by just being able to adopt out more owner of Catfé ( in Vancouver, has out or in a bad mood, and then you'll see cats andhaving another space for cats to go visited cat cafés in Europe, along the west them half an hour later, after they've been to, so it frees up space at the shelter." c coast ofthe United States and in Montreal. "Each [cat café] is very different in its own way?" Furbacher says. "Every city CONNECT WITH US If you have a note, photo or story to share about Costco or Costco members, has different regulations about how you're em it to allowed to do everything, so it changes Connection, The Costco Connection, 415 West Hunt Club Road, Ottawa, ON K2E 1C5. Submissions from place [to place]. In the States cannot be acknowledged or returned. 72 The Costco Connection SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2018 [email protected] with "Member Connection" in the subject line or send it to Member

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