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Circulaire Costco - 01 Septembre 2018 - 31 Octobre 2018. Page 48.
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Faites défiler le catalogue Costco valable du 01 Septembre 2018 au 31 Octobre 2018 pour découvrir les dernières offres. Sur les 117 pages du circulaire de la semaine actuelle, vous trouverez les meilleurs produits de la catégorie Hypermarchés et Supermarchés. Si vous tenez à réduire vos dépenses lors de votre prochaine visite chez Costco, n'oubliez pas de consulter l'intégralité des promos de la page 1 à la page 117. Si vous désirez faire des achats astucieux et économiser lors de vos prochaines courses chez Costco, ne manquez pas le dernier catalogue de la semaine, qui propose des prix incroyables et des remises exceptionnelles. Revenez sur Canadian Flyers tous les jours pour ne pas rater les formidables promotions proposées par vos magasins favoris.

FOR YOURHEALTH HERBAL LORE WHILE THE recipe for Ricola's Original Natural Herb Throat Drops is a secret, here's a look at how some of the herbs have been used throughout history Horehound was often placed inside medicine chests of pharaohs or used as a poison cure in Roman times Greeks used hyssop to fight off throat, chest and other bronchial complaints In ancient times, peppermint was used r its calming and cooling effects In many cultures, sage is revered for its soothing qualities and i Elderflower Drops of relief production. The finished products are ontrolled for active-ingredient standard Ricola's rich herbal history ization and packaging Richterich adds, "The taste is very important, so we taste the products in our laboratory, and we have a group ofemploy BY STEPHANIE E. PONDER ON THE northwest border of Switzerland the small town of Laufen, where one s in the past while echnology, only uses herbs from organic farms-acreage equal to approximately ent departments.. tas 330 hockey rinks-and sources 94 percent existing products and new product ideas of its raw materials from within 450 kilo They are trained to describe what they company has hrm keeping an eye on innovation Ricola, the maker of cough and throat ops, got its start in the 1940s when mas r baker Emil Richterich created the metres of Laufen as 1S t herbal? con k-from harvest herbal mixture still used todaytomakethe (the Swiss regulatory authority for medi- ingherbs to the final product-is apoint of pride for Richterich. "What people don't realize is what care we take for our herbs) Ricola's products have to meet Swissmedic All of that hard wor cine) requirements along with Health Canada and international food standards for all of the countries wher Original Natural Herb Cough Drops. The ognizable drops became so popular that Emil and his wife shut down in their bakery a decade later to set up full are available & Compagnie Laufern oped a lot of new products, new fla our or something, but we really cultivate the herbs in the Swiss mountains, with a t of care, with our producers who ar roduction. The name Ricola comes from shortening Richterich The process begins with various checks of the raw materials, followed by additional random checks throughout me independent farmers." C ears, Ricola has grown into aglobal brand. "We have devel e pa COMPANYINFO NAME: Ricola CEO: Felix Richterich EMPLOYEES: More than 400 worldwide HEADQUARTERS: Laufen, Switzerland WEBSITE: PRODUCTS AT COSTCO: Mountain Herb No-Sugar Added Cough Drops COMMENT ABOUT COSTCO: "Costco is a great fit with the Ricola brand. We are proud of our partnership with Costco and we will continue to push each other to provide the member with the best product experience combined with the best value."-Warren Crowder, president and country manager, Ricola Canada new textures and new packaging corn says CEO Felix Richterich, the third generation to lead the family-owned ompany. "Our original herb cough drop is still our No. 1 product worldwide. That'?s ep our flagship and will remain our flagship As with many companies, sustainabil ity is a priority for Ricola. "It's important that you not only claim it, but you also live t and try to get better," says Richterich from his office in Laufen. "We all know try that there's room for improvement. We to set goals and to become, every year, ali oals, Ricola has invested in energy-saving standards and eac 0 Harvesting the herbs. SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2018 The Costco Connection 45

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