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Circulaire Costco - 01 Septembre 2018 - 31 Octobre 2018. Page 40.
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SPECIAL SECTION AUTOMOTIVE Jack adds that many seniors are reluc cus Some people think that any acknowledge ment that things are changing is a sign of weakness and one step away Irom having to give away the keys, and that's not neces sar ple can drive well intotheir senioryears, as long as [they're] doing it smartly" Part of the challenge in identifying at risk drivers is avoiding bias or grouping all drivers with a medical condition to deter mine whether they can be safe onthe road, says Marshall. "The same medical condi tion can affecteveryone differently: IfI've had a stroke, I could have weakness on one 2 side that could affect my ability to drive but I also may be able to drive based on my experience and how well I adapt following Drivina force Keeping seniors safe on the road developing a CanDrive risk stratification tool that would be administered by health care providers. The tool is currently being peer-reviewed, and Marshall hopes it will s Canada soon BY WENDY HELFENBAUM ROUGHLY 2.7 MILLION senior drivers are for Vehicular Safety in the Elderly currently on the road in Canada, and (CanDrive), Marshall headed a team that Transport Canada estimates that by 2020 followed nearly 1,000 drivers ages 70 to 76 about 20 per cent of the Canadian popula ion will be age 65 or older, with most of determine how to improve the safety and them stil behind the wheel. A 2017 quality of life forolder drivers. national survey revealed that more than a quarter of respondents plan to keep their attitudes about driving to how they drove licence beyondage 85. So it's not surprising every day," explains Marshall. "Our study thatthe Canadian Automobile Association showed that the vast majority ofolder driv- Having"the talk" when it's time to give up the keys What if a loved one doesn't automati s for up to seven years to cally adjust or restrict their driving? Just aspeople prepare for financial retirement, in eac ment so they don't face the sudden loss of independence, Marshall not You have to look at where your dence is: Do you live in a rural, remo because of the de ocation or a place that's fairly accessib sa Canadians worry whether an aging family member should still be on the road sions they make and their tendency to be more risk averse You're going to need to get to the grocery re and community activities,' he says People are very reluctant to give up their driver's licence, because they know that There are certain po CanDrive's study showed many senior were self-regulating, limitingtheir driving ves as we age: We have lots of driving experience and we've seen alot more on the roads. But it's by avoidingtraffic and driving during day- this is really cutting them off." undeniable that we also get slower in our light hours. In fact, many people-particu eflexes and our reaction times," says CAA larly women-often stop driving spokesperson Ian Jack. For example, by prematurely, which can bringabout isola Jack adds that it's important to begin these conversations respectfully and empathetically. "Don't highlight the faults that people are making as dri rather talk about the natural agingproc that happens to us all. Andmaybe first talk about driving reduction ratherthan elimi nation," he says, adding that CAA has an online guide about how to discuss thi on and dependence on othe much light to see as they did at age 20 Still, most seniors drive safely, says Ottawa-based Costco member Dr. Shawn Marshall, who has been studying driving anddisability-especially amongseniors since 2001. Asco-principal investigatoron the Canadian Driving Research Initiative and change their habits if necessary, says about-it-doesnt-have-to-be-hard) The right tools for the job CAA's multimedia web tool ( seniors) uses interactive infographics to he manage challenging driving conditions ouc no ck. Agoodexample is increasing the dis tance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. "Our reaction time to slam on the brakes is not the same at 75 that it was at about depriving people of their freedom s about keeping people driving safely as THECOSTCOCONNECTION Costco warehouses and carry a variety of automotive items. For informa tion about Costco's Auto Insurance program, as we age, so let's use that as a weapon to Wendy Helfenbaum is a Montreal-based search "my insurance" at ey can while als supposed to be smart writer ( keep ourselves on the road longe SEPTENMBER/OCTOBER 2018 The Catco SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2018 The Costco Connection 37 37

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