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Circulaire Costco - 01 Septembre 2018 - 31 Octobre 2018 - Produits soldés - Cars, Finish, Head, sticker. Page 38.
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Faites défiler le catalogue Costco valable du 01 Septembre 2018 au 31 Octobre 2018 pour découvrir les dernières offres. Sur les 117 pages du circulaire de la semaine actuelle, vous trouverez les meilleurs produits de la catégorie Hypermarchés et Supermarchés. Si vous tenez à réduire vos dépenses lors de votre prochaine visite chez Costco, n'oubliez pas de consulter l'intégralité des promos de la page 1 à la page 117. Si vous désirez faire des achats astucieux et économiser lors de vos prochaines courses chez Costco, ne manquez pas le dernier catalogue de la semaine, qui propose des prix incroyables et des remises exceptionnelles. Revenez sur Canadian Flyers tous les jours pour ne pas rater les formidables promotions proposées par vos magasins favoris.

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SPECIAL SECTION AUTOMOTIVE Check fluids. Pop the hood and, ifit's accessible, inspect the engine oil, trans- mission fluid, power steering fluid, cool ant, brake fluid and wiper fluid levels. Top off the latter. If other fluid levels are low, have a mechanic diagnose the problem. Quarterly Look and listen. Check to see if any dashboard warninglightsareon. "A yello indicator, like a check engine light, means it needs attention soon. A red indicator, like a brake warning light, means stop driving and give it your immediate atten tion," Iny says. Listen for unexpected sounds such as grinding, whirring or engine knocking while the car is driving or idling, too. "Any a unusual noises should be checked outbyan expert, Ken Gilmour, owner of Gilmour's Automotive Repair in Oshawa, Ontario, tells The Connection. Clean and wax your car. Experts advi washing and hand-waxing your car every three months or so Wash and wax in small areas, and begin at the top and proceed downward to protect its finish Bypass the Inspect all lights. This includes head lights, taillights, turn signals, side marker lights, licence plate lights and interior lights. Replace them only if you're handy breakdown lanee DIY maintenance that'smoney wllinvested she seySAnualt Annually ays. Maintain visibility. Install new front Safeguard your interior. Clean or winter, swap out with rubber mats with Check filters. Inspect your engine air You don't have to wait until your car's ce date to perform and rear windshield wiper blade s for your car some simple preventive maintenance of aving your oil changed. But the reality is sional trained to identify upcomingprob- replace seat covers and floor m ur own. "Maintenance is often seen as BY ERIK J. MARTIN PER A STUDY from DesRosiers Auto that inspecting your vehicle by a profe motive Consultants Inc, the average Canadian vehicle 7.25 years in 1990 to over nine years today. says Ben Lalonde, president of Orléans or dusty or when recommended by the e road is up from lems is really where the value comes in," filer and cabin air filter. Replace if dirty That's both good news and bad news Autopro in Orléans, Ontario, and a vehicle's manufacturer. Costco member Yes, modern automobiles are built to last r, buttypical cars have packedon alot Our experts suggest taking the follow Head to the shop and budget wisely of mileage. Andthat means they're going to need some extra TLCto remain running. worthy while saving you money ing simple DIY steps to keep your car road When it comes to more complex and messy maintenance taS tire changeovers, coolant flushi changes and thorough inspections, it's best to leave it to the pros. "With the com plexity of modern vehicles, it takes a Routine car maintenance isn't cheap. According to Kristine D'Arbelles, spokes person for the Ottawa-based Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) national office, basic upkeep like tire and changes can cost at least $500 a year. But ng, oi Monthly Inspect your tires. Look for uneven tread wear and embedded objects like nails that could lead to leaks, the CAA advises skilled technician to perform these ser Check tire pressure. "Do this when the vices. Additionally, manufacturers require proof of service to keep your car warranty valid," says Gilmour. vehicle has been parked for at least three hours," recommends Costco member George Iny, director of the Montreal Lastly, don't wait for the unexpected to happen-both mechanically and finan cially. "Put money aside now in a savings account to pay for future maintenance and THECOSTCOCONNECTION Costco warehouses and carry a variety of items, including wiper blades, motor oil, seat and floor mats, tires and headquartered Automobile Protection Association. If the tires are low, inflate them to the manufacturer's suggested PSI also offers (pounds per square inch) level (often repairs," says D'Arbelles.C und ona sticker inside thedr This can increase fuel efficiency by upto4 per cent, notes D'Arbelles roadside assistance, simply enter "roadside assistance" in the search box for more information Freelance writer Erik.J. Martin is a, frequent contributor to The Connection SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2018 The Costco Connection 35

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