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ARTS &ENTERTAINMENT DAV THECOSTCOCONNECTION Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas (Item #1257167) and other Dav Pilkey titles are available in most Costco warehouses. Champion of reading discouraged, soshe decided that insteadof focusing onwhat Iwas reading, she wanted to make sure that I was reading. She got me alibrary card, and she let me get whatever I wanted. There was no judgment whatso ever. And so I read all thetime, and I think that's really what changed me. Dav Pilkey has been writing for children for more than two decades Fun leads to habits, and habits lead to skill. And before you know it, I identified as a reader. And I still do today. BY STEPHANIE E. PONDER DAV PILKEY is best known for his Captain Underpants and Dog Man series for middle grade readers about, respectively, a hypno tized principal turned superhero and a lov able, crime-stopping Dav Pilkey kid, or the artist. It helped me to change DP: Ihope so. A lot of these are books that canine-policeman hybrid still wanted to have a connection with my classmates, because I did spend a lot of CC: The Dog Man series references sev time outthere. So I would make these little eral classic works ofliterature: East of comic books, and I would bring 'em into Eden, Lord of the Flies and A Tale of Two the classroom whenever I was allowed to Cities. Are you thinking that when your see my classmates, and they would read readers are a little older, they'll see these 'em, and they would laugh. And instead of familiar titles and have a connection me being the bad kid, I was now the funny with them? my identity. I first read in high school, and I've been rereading them because they're fun. So I The Connection recently caught with the Costco member at his publisher's CC: What wouldyou likeparents to now offices in New York City to talk about the (super) power of books. (Oh, and his first DP: My whole idea is that I want to make name is pronounced“Dave. He credits the unusual spelling to a typo on his nametag when he worked at a Pizza Hut.) hope kids don'tthink that Charles Dickens stole fromthat Dav Pilkey guy. I hope that they'll recognize some of the themes that inspired metowrite the stories. about your books? reading fun for kids. So I'm trying to do books for kids,likethe kind ofkid I used to be, who had struggles with reading. Soltry to make books that I would have wanted to CC: What do you love most about the work you do? DP: I think my favourite part of what I get to do is togo out on the road and meetkids THE COSTCO CONNECTION: You havepick up. been writingfor children for a long time. How do you stay on top of what kids find funny? Dav Pilkey: I think there's a part of me that just never grew up. I was making books for kids ever since I was in seco CC: Can you speak to the importance ofand do school visits. Children come up encouraging kids to read what theyve with books that they've made that have DP: When I was a little kid I was diagnosed been inspired by Dog Man or Captain with dyslexia, and I had lots of reading Underpants. This unprompted creativity problems. I was always reading, but my is so wonderful to see.. Sometimes it's my teachers were taking [those items], say- 14th hour in the studio, and I'm like, ugh ing, "That's not a real book." e. Because of my behavioural prob- ms in class, I would get sent out in the hallway, and I'd have nothing else to do. I But then I think about that, and it keeps me going. C My mom realized that I was getting SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2018 The Costco Connection 29

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