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Circulaire Costco - 01 Septembre 2018 - 31 Octobre 2018 - Produits soldés - Disney, Head. Page 24.
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Far left: Kevin Feige in his Marvel Studios office. Above: Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man. Left: Poster for Avengers: Infinity War ourselves without another studio paying for it, taking the creative control of it. It was all Marvel. And I was just happy we completed it. We, of course, had dreams of bringing the kindof shared universe that is in our comics to the big screen. But 10 years ago, it was just about "Is this movie gonna work?" Cause if that movie didn't work, Marvel would not be making movies today. CC: The walt Disney Company pur- chased Marvel Entertainment in 2009. How have things changed since then? KF: The first film that Disney distributed and released for us was The Avengers. And that alone tells you how it all shifted and how it all changed. That, at the time, was the biggest [opening] weekend of alltime. It was the biggest film in the history of the Walt Disney Company at the time. It took us to a whole other level, not to mention the support of [chairman and CEO] Bob NFINITY WWA The 19th, Avengers: Infinity War, which opened earlier this year, smashed box-office records when it became the first storylines was a bold experiment, and an film to take in US$250 million its opening amazing achievement not rivalled in the weekend and the first to hit the billion-dol- history of cinema. Marvel shows no signs lar mark worldwide in 11 days. Iger, [chairman] Alan Horn and [presi of slowing down, with three more films dent of Walt Disney Studios] Alan Bergman, who are incredible believers in what we do, and have a great sense of story- telling themselves that we rely on in the early script stages and in the early cuts of the film. Much of the success of the collective due to be released in the coming year, and franchise canbe attributed to Kevin Feige, the 45-year-old president and producer ofThe Connection spoke with Feige in his Marvel Studios, who was named studio office at Marvel Studios in Burbank, head in 2007 at the age of 33. As Brandon Katz says in the article "Is Marvel the Star Wars of Our Generation?" which ran on, "Kevin Feige brought the most popular aspect of comic books-the ability to interweave other characters and stories into main event crossovers-tothe big screen andofficially birthed the shared cinematic universe, a concept every other major movie studio has been chasing ever since." Producing 19 films with connecting many more down the line. California, on May 2, the official 10th anniversary of the MCU. It's really having a family that supports CC: Ifsomeone had told you 10 years ago that you would be here now, in this place, in ths position, what wouluu have said? KF: THECOSTCOCONNECTION Avengers: Infinity War ( tem #6580444 8/14), other Marvel titles such as Ant Man, Black Panther and more, and numerous Marvel-themed products are available in Ten years ago, when we released the first Iron Man film, I was just excited that we had finished a movie. It was the first movie that Marvel Studios had produced Costco warehouses. CONTINUED ON PAGE 22 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2018 The Costco Connection 21

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