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Circulaire Costco - 01 Septembre 2018 - 31 Octobre 2018 - Produits soldés - chips, Finish, ours, Always, Candy, Hot Wheels. Page 18.
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YES FROM EXPERTS IN THE FIELD MANY OF US live on a pretty tight budget, and the costs of a birthday party WHAT DO YOU THINK? can add up quickly. That said, a loot bag is still something I like to budget for I enjoy sending our party guests off with a little thank-you for taking the time at kids' birthday parties? to celebrate and be a part of my child's special day. Without our guests, it's not much ofa party Are loot bags necessary Saying thank you as the children leave is always expected and not some- thing I normally have to remind my children to do. As they say thank you and hand eachoftheir friends aloot bag, my childrenget to show their appreciation and extend some of the enjoyment into their friends' homes that they have Katrina Bearinger, a mother of two, i passionate about personal finance and contributes to the blog Canadian brought into ours f your kids are anything like mine, they want to invite the entire class by the time they finish making their guest list. Regardless ofthe number of chil dren invited to the party, filling a loot bag should not be a big expense. A little thank-you goes a long way Click here to vote We hada Hot Wheels theme birthday party for my son one year, and we sent each kid home with a new Hot Wheels car to add to their collection, plus a cou- ple oflollipops. In this case quality won over quantity and was budget friendly: (Canadianbudget Each car costonly $1.25. A birthday party should not be a financial burden. There are ways to save money without eliminating the loot bag or other "thank you for coming" gifts that kids love so much. For example, hosting a midafternoon party with chips, cake and ice cream is less expensive than providing a full meal and is sure to Creating a fun, special day for our kids is the most important thing. C Click here to email debate comments See Member Comments for more Debate responses NO FROM EXPERTS IN THE FIELD JULY/AUGUST DEBATE RESULTS Is procrastinating a good thing? 34% YES 66% NO Percentage reflects votes received by July 19, 2018 Results may reflect Debate being picked up by blogs TWO YEARS AGO, after a weekend filled with birthday parties that my chil dren attended, I was left witha pile of trinkets fromthe lootbags they received I sat down and in 15 minutes wrote ablog post about whyI don't like loot bags. I pressed "Publish" and assumed I would offend some people with what I wro Instead what ensued was a blog post going viral and my feelings on loot bags being written about all around the world Why do I wish everyone wouldjust say no to loot bags? First, I don't understand why kids need to receive a gift after being invited Renee Kaiman of to celebrate a friend's birthday. We came to celebrate and make the birthday kid feel special. Period. It's not about my kid; it's about the birthday kid. These e types ofinteractions should be free, and kids should never come to expectit. At mysocalledmommy every party at least one childasks fortheir loot bagwhen they leave. Kids should Toronto owns and blogs at My So- Called Mommy Life learn the feeling ofgiving to others without expecting anything in return. COMMENT ON AN UPCOMING DEBATE ON FACEBOOK com In addition, loot bags are usually filled with the same cheap items. I wish parents would just keep their purchases to themselves instead of sending my kid home ith candy that theywould never feed tot sor ia our opinion may appear in a future issue of The Connection into a million pieces within a few minutes of beingplayed with. And where does tall end up? In the garbage These days, birthday parties tend to cost a lot of money, and the additio spenton your kid in order to thank mine for coming birthday child feel good by being there t Like us on facebook cost associated with loot bags adds up. Many times, parents spend $5 and up on each lootbag. IfI buy your kid a $25 gift, please don't spend a fifth of what I Can't we all agree: enough with lootbags? Let'steach kids about makingthe lebrate with him or her. After all that's the point of a birthday party, notwhat the attendees are leaving with. C Opinions expressed are those of the individuals or organizations represented and are presented oster discussion. Costco and no The Costco Connection position on any Debate topic The Costco Connection 15 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2018

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