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Circulaire Costco - 01 Juillet 2018 - 31 Août 2018 - Produits soldés - croissant, dessert, pizza, grill, brioche, blender, ciabatta, table. Page 58.
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FOR YOURTABLE Spread the love Sweet panini Choose your favourite bread (brioche, ciabatta or even pound cake work well for this version) and spread one slice witlh hazelnut spread and a second slice with marshmallow fluff. Layer sliced bananas or strawberries on one slice, top with the other slice, brush the outside with melted butter and toast in a preheated panini Seven ways to use versatile and delicious hazelnut spread press until golden, about 5 minutes Dessert pizza For a shareable treat, mix your favou rite sugar-cookie dough-homemade or store-bought-and roll into one large cookie. Bake until done but soft. While t layer of hazelnut spread. Sprinkl fruit. Cut into wedges and enjoy. Coffee and hot chocolate iant cookie is still warm, slather on athin your favourite toppings, such as salted pretzels, mini marshmallows, nuts or You don't have to be a barista to have delicious, coffeehouse-style drinks a recipe below home. Laurie Ann March, an Ontari BY JENNIFER BRADLEY FRANKLIN based Costco member and cookbook ixing 2 espressd in a jar and refrigerate overnight. author, recommends m HAZELNUT SPREAD, with its alluring, syrup ilky-smooth blend of cocoa, skim milk, Just before serving, top with sliced banana shots in a cup with 15 mL. (ltablespoon) of hazelnut spread until the mixture is well combined. Stir in 250 mL (1 cup) of hot milk and top with whipped cream, sprin- hazelnuts and sugar, is delicious right out of the jar (who are we to judge?), but using it as an ingredient can elevate dishes from ho-hum to craveable. Costco recentl and crushed hazelnuts Stuffed crescent rolls kle with a dash ofcocoa powder and fi For a riffon chocolate croissants, take introduced Kirkland Signature Hazelut aroll of refrigerated dough and separate with a drizzle of melted hazelnut spread Spread with Cocoa. Here are a fewideas for into triangles. Place 5 mL (1 teaspoon) of "I like to use almond milk and coconut hazelnut spread along the shortside ofthe whip," she says. "If you are reducing caf o createa feine, replace the espresso and hot milk pocket for the spread before rolling. Bake with hot chocolate, stir in 15 mL [1 table- the according to package instructions and spoon] hazelnut spread and top with mini riangle and fold the dough overt Protein shake Food expert Kate Kordsmeier, oice of the wellness website RootRevel serve warm out of the oven. ( and a longtime Costco member, suggests a creamy protein shake Marinade for two. "The spread pairs perfectly with marshmallows." C Jennifer Bradley Franklin Genniferbradley is an Atlanta While sweet uses of hazelnut spread , savoury ideas can be harder to weet berries and creamy banana in this abound s decadent yet nutrient-dense protein find. So Abraham Salum, chef-owner of shake," she says. "Throw 250 millilitres Salum Restaurant in Dallas, Texas, has cre mL; 1 cup] of frozen berries into a high ated a savoury-sweet marinade of hazelnut speed blender with 1 banana, 60 mL cup] of hazelnut spread, 30 mL [2 ta spoons] ofyour favourite unflavoured pro sauce, adjustingthe pro- tein powder and a big handful of spinach. portions to taste. "There Add about 375 mL [1% cups] of!iquid-1 avery rich chocolate nut flavour, recommend coconut milk or cashew but the sweetness is cut by the soy and fish milk-and blend until smooth." She likens sauce," he says. "We simply marinate some the finished shake to "a fancy PB&J spread, soy sauce, Sriracha sauce and a touch of fish small pieces of pork loin and grill the Try the same method at home with a flank Overnight oats (pictured above) Here, grab-and-go overnight oatmeal gets a delicious upgrade. Simply combine 85 mL s cup) of old-fashioned oats (avoid THECOSTCOCONNECTION instant, which can turn mushy), 125 to Look for a variety of foods, including 160 mL (12 to ⅔ cup) of,cow's or nut milk of Kirkland Signature Hazelnut Spread (Item your choice, a heaping tablespoon ofhazel_ #1182691),which is made with sunflower nut spread and a touch of honey or agave oil, at your local Costco warehou HAZELNUT SPREAD ULYTAUGUST 2018 The Costco Connection

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