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Circulaire Costco - 01 Juillet 2018 - 31 Août 2018 - Produits soldés - steak, Always, baguette, vinaigrette, table. Page 55.
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FOR YOUR TABLE A moveable feast Tips to pack the perfect picnic BY FIONA SIMS PACKING TIPS NO ONE IS sure exactly where picnics where you have to do as little as possible so began. The Oaford English Dictionary says you can enjoy a beautiful setting and the the word "picnic" is from the French term companyyou're sharing it with. To makethat to make sure food and drinks stay cold. pique-nique, of unknown provenance. The happen,you need to prepare as much of the practice indeed may have originated in meal beforehand as possible, and even plan tightly shut, and wrap pungent items in France. The Collins Concise Dictionary says to eat outof the bowls you carry the dishesin a plastic bag a picnic is an informal meal eaten outside Afteryou've done theprep work, all you need and also cites the word's French roots. Coolers and ice packs are essential e Be sure that your containers are e Put dressings in jam jars so they are s a good picnic blanket, some nice napkinsready to shake and drizzle Whereverthe word came from, picnics anda fewwet wipes, and youre ready became de rigueur among France's newly enfranchised citizens after the French Main course Revolution in 1789, when royal parks were What to pack for a fun outing? You; search "summer food safety open to the public for the first time, though can't go wrong with a nice cold roast it didn't take long for the trend to spreadto chicken, cooked simply with garlic and Britain. The British picnic really came into rosemary. Keep it cool until you eat it. If e Bring a bottle opener and pack reusable plastic cups and bottles to avoid breakage. e More food safety tips are available at tips." FS like steak, fry it earlier and then slice often an extravagant affair, withan exten it, dress it with vinaigrette and serve it with sive menu and elaborate presentation. It's a big beautiful salad so everything stays own in Victorian England, when it was spread it on bread just before serving. you Love fish? Steam it on the morning of the picnic; choose something easy, such as salmon, with fresh ginger, coriander and black bean sauce. Then leave it to cool to clear that at some pointthe social practice crossed the pond to become commonplace in Canada moist and the flavours intensify A fresh, crusty baguette and a whole salami, which you can cut as you go, is a serve onyour outing not fridge cold Today's picnics, thank goodness, are classic picnic choice. If you love sand- wiches, avoid making them in advance, as they just go soggy. Instead, prepare a filling made with white crab meat mixed with Greek yogurt, warmed mustard seeds, diced tomatoes and fresh coriander, and A vegetarian picnic can be just as excit ing. Think falafel wraps, mushroom rolls much simpler-and far healthier. Inspira tion comes from everywhere, including the plethora of cookbooks with recipes from celebrity chefs. and panzanella I always bring cheese, too-hard cheese, such as a good strong cheddar or a lovely In my view, the perfect picnic is one pecorino, but nothing too gooey 50 The Costco Connection ULY/AUGUST 2018

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