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Circulaire Costco - 01 Juillet 2018 - 31 Août 2018 - Produits soldés - sel, Always, sticker. Page 36.
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Faites défiler le catalogue Costco valable du 01 Juillet 2018 au 31 Août 2018 pour découvrir les dernières offres. Sur les 111 pages du circulaire de la semaine actuelle, vous trouverez les meilleurs produits de la catégorie Hypermarchés et Supermarchés. Si vous tenez à réduire vos dépenses lors de votre prochaine visite chez Costco, n'oubliez pas de consulter l'intégralité des promos de la page 1 à la page 111. Si vous désirez faire des achats astucieux et économiser lors de vos prochaines courses chez Costco, ne manquez pas le dernier catalogue de la semaine, qui propose des prix incroyables et des remises exceptionnelles. Revenez sur Canadian Flyers tous les jours pour ne pas rater les formidables promotions proposées par vos magasins favoris.

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SPECIAL SECTION SUPPLIER PROFILE get in the stores. People always say you can't. But one day, after almost crying in my mom's basement, where I was putting together thecalendars, I suddenly felt really strong. From that day forward, I never doubted myself; I got out of my own way" Two things worked in Lalonde Hayes favour when she launched the Famil Organizer: Because she had alreadytoured e country promoting her cookbooks, she knew she could market her new product an invaluable tool for moms. "Also, I'd already been selling myproduct at Costco and when I brought the organizer to the You have to have something that you believe in, because then it becomes worthy Of course, 25 years ago, before smart phones, peop and calendars. And while technology may have slowed down organizer sales some- what, having a visual command central is still the go-to solution for most More Time Mom celebrates 25 years of helping familie stay organized families, Lalonde Hayes insists. "When you're trying to man age a bunch of family members it's much better if everybody can ee all the information on pape USwhen they're going out the door or when they're coming in the house, she explains. "It's really hard to feel organized from a little tiny screen MORETIMEMOMS FAMILYORGANIZER BY WENDY HELFENBAUM AFTERHAVING three kids in three years, Aylmer, Quebec-based Costco member Joanne Lalonde Hayes was a tad over ckers on or write their own things and From the beginning, More Time Moms fitting women, children and education med. However, she quickly realized COMPANYINFO es. that the key to retaining her sanity was to COMPANY More Time Moms Publishing Inc. be organized, especially when it came to PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER feedingher family heal thy meals that could be prepared in less than 30 minutes. pro EMPLOYEES 6 "I surveyed 100 women at my commu nitycentre and realized everybody neededa HEADQUARTERS Aylmer, Quebec causes, including Vital Voices, a U.S.-based organization that assists women entrepre- neurs worldwide. She has also supported system," recalls Lalonde Hayes. "I thought,WEBSITE If they all want it, thenI'm going to do it." ITEM AT COSTCO In 1993, with all three children now in school, Lalonde Hayes launched More Time Cooks, a cookbook with meal planning her company grew, so too did her so an orphanage in Kenya since 2006. in More Time Moms Family Organizer "We followed 42 kids and put them neurial journey, Lalonde Hayes has truly fher husband, Jeremy. "I would not -Joanne Lalonde Hayes families we've helped through More Time qUoTE ABOUT CoSTco through grade school," she notes. Costco was] so helpful when I first brought the Family Organizer to the buyers; family's time management enges, sothey knew there was nothing else out there ia r this very specific niche market. Also, it's been important to my business to build Family Organizer, a 16-month wall calen- dar with large squares to write in, a relationships with extremely competent pocket for the relentless influx of papers people who have great integrity. have had any of my success without him she s that fill school backpacks andhundreds of stickers for hockey practices, dentists' starting her own company forced her to push through her fear offailure. "WhenI first started out, I collected money from everybody I knew and printed these orga they've been able to make a better home life because of our products. It's very Lalonde Hayes knew that families needed a command central and believed r product could become just that. "We rewarding to hear." c were the very firstto put out an organizing nizers without knowing if they would sel Wendy Helfenbaum (taketwoproductions oting that remember people tellingme, You'll never ca) is a Montreal-based wri sa The Costco Connection JULY/AUGUST 2018 33

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