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ackflie THE STORYTELLER CONTINUED FROM PAGE 21 his spacious basement office, lit tered with sculptures and a wall of his own books. Locals are also used to seeing him around town, includ ing walking the aisles at Costco. to do a Munsch book is huge," says Odjick. "To have that name value and do a book set in a First Nations com munity with First Nations charac ters is just a game changer." The book is about a girl named Helen (like many of Munsch's char- acters, she's based on an actual girl-this time from Fort McMurray, Alberta) who takes mat and veggies to fill the fridge. "I came home with ters into her own hands when springtime black broccoli, apples-and a $400 air hockey table, flies and mosquitoes attack. Odjick didn't speak he says, laughing. "Everybody in the family to Munsch while he was working on the book, thought I was nuts, and I was!" which is common for illustrators and authors working together for the first time. Even so, he quiet, daydreaming man with 200 stories inside felt his contribution mattered, particularly now him disappears to make way for the bouncing as he tours indigenous communities and pre entertainer who can keep thousands of small sents at schools and libraries himself. Still a master at telling a good story, Munsch recalls the time he went to Costco to pick up some fruits С MUNSCH! VE FAVOURITE STORIE As Munsch talks, his face lights up and the children spellbound with his voice. The face-and the story-are pure Robert THE "It's been a real treat to hear from parents and kids who are super excited to have a great book by an author they love that features kids who look like them for the first time," he says. Kra Vermondis a veteranjournalist and childrens "Yeah, that's really amazing Munsch. C COSTCOCONNECTION A variety of Robert Munsch book titles will be available early July in most warehouses, including an exclusive five- book box set (Item #1239753). authorwho lives in Guelph, Ontario. She still remembers the day Robert Munsch toldstories to her GirlGuide troop. tuck, talent and a p Like Odjick, Martchenko considers himself fortunate that his path crossed Munsch's. He calls it "serendipity" and "pureluck." Robert Munsch in 2010 at a bookstore signing. The illustrator, ahousehold name in his own right, was working in the advertising business in the late '70s, when Munsch and his publisher stumbled across his work at a wine-and-cheese art and design show in Toronto. Fortunately, he'd signed a small piece ofarthe'd put up onthe wall. The next day at work he got the call-to illustrate The Paper Bag Princess-that would change everything. 27 Family Literacy Day OH TRACK Who knew that 40 years later it would still be going strong?" Martchenko says. "I can't get over that. You know, it was just a little freelance job I did on the side to make a couple of extra bucks-and it turns into a classic. Amazing." Broccoli, apples and air hockey Read togethe I that Munsch still lives in the small Ontario city he has called home for decades. At one point, his family considered moving somewhere more exciting-they could live anywhere, afterall-but they decided to stay n a way, it s amazing put for the kids Today, Munsch hits his favourite coffee shop manymorings and edits the ycar's manuscripts in The Costco Connection 22 JULY/AUGUST 2018

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