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Circulaire Canadian Tire - 12 Décembre 2019 - 18 Décembre 2019 - Produits soldés - Good Year, powerbank. Page 15.
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Faites défiler le catalogue Canadian Tire valable du 12 Décembre 2019 au 18 Décembre 2019 pour découvrir les dernières offres. Sur les 18 pages du circulaire de la semaine actuelle, vous trouverez les meilleurs produits de la catégorie Auto & Moto. Si vous tenez à réduire vos dépenses lors de votre prochaine visite chez Canadian Tire, n'oubliez pas de consulter l'intégralité des promos de la page 1 à la page 18. Si vous désirez faire des achats astucieux et économiser lors de vos prochaines courses chez Canadian Tire, ne manquez pas le dernier catalogue de la semaine, qui propose des prix incroyables et des remises exceptionnelles. Revenez sur Canadian Flyers tous les jours pour ne pas rater les formidables promotions proposées par vos magasins favoris.

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Produits dans ce circulaire

TRAVEL READY! OEPLUS MOTOMARTEN WE DO MotoMaster OEPlus Batteries. Exceeds OE 99 cranking power. NEW MotoMaster Batteries. Canada's 99 1 seling replacement battery. 10-1010x. FROM FROM 1149 1299* 10-248SX. MONROE SAVE 40% * Quicker • Safer • Easier ELIMINATOR O Sale 29.99 Reg 43.99 4-Gauge Booster Cables. 16 length, 11-1214-0, e Sale 239,99 20.00/12mo" Reg 319.99 10DDW Pure Sine Wave Inverter, 11-1892-4. O Sale 38.99-99.99 Reg 51.99-133.99 Precision Series Battery Chargers. Fully automatic multi-stage charging. 5 models to choose from. 11-1957X. O Sale 112.49 Reg 149.99 750A Lithium Jump Starter & Power Bank. 1-1906-4, O Sale 146.99 Reg 209.99 PawerBox 1200. Boasts and provides AC, DC and USB power anywhere. 1.2016-6. SAVE Sale, from 189.99** Reg, from 209.99 20 MotoMaster BUY 1 GET THE 2ND Eliminator Batteries. AGM technology for surer starts and longer life. 10-24200. Sale 25.19-199.99 Reg 41.99-309.99 Selected Power Pack, Power InVerter and Booster Cables, 11-1213X. 1/2 ÖFF SAVE 20% Reg, from 144.99 Quíck-Strut Assembly. Single, fully-assembled unit. Application Specific. Limited O Sale, from 23.99 Reg, from 29.99 OE Plus Brake Pads. Limite 3-year/60,000km warranty or lifetime when installed at Canadian Tire. Details in store. 113-8200X. O Sale, from 42. 39 Reg, from 52.99 SAVE %% Sale, from 4.49 10" Reg, from 4.99 Premium Chassis Components. Limited lifetime warranty. Details in store. 22-3131X/122-2833. SAVE lifetime warranty- Details in store. Sale, from 205.65 Reg, from 235.65 PowerStop Performance Brake Upgrade Kits. Available for $60 22-2262X/122-2342X. OEPlus Premium Brake Rotors. Limited 2-year/40,000km warranty. Details in BGetnd l2Or dorount, eachefthe twa tem purchased wil neceeS% discout eff the egular price ar hetime ot checknut most makes and models. 116-280OX. store. 13-4206X/116-0725X. CANADA'S GARAGE GET OUR BEST TIRE CARE GUARANTEE when you purchase, install and balance tires at Canadian Tire. SAVE 30% 5-year limited warranty including: v repairable damage protection v rotation every 10,000 km v visual brake inspection TIRE CARE OSale 41.99-63.74 Reg 55.99-84.99 Wheel Covers, 4-Pack. Selected designs and sizes. 141-1339X/241-0462X. O Sale 73.49-188.49 Reg 104.99-289.99 Selected Alloy Wheels. 141-1078X/6800X/241-0291X. FROM GUARANTEE 5799 REPLACEMENT ADVANTAGE Steel Wheels. Selected styles and sizes. 63-0307X Conditions apply. Seecanadiantire.cafor details. SAVE 25"ON SELECTED TIRES IN-STORE MOTOMASTERE MOTOMASTER GOOD YEAR ontinental GENERAL TIRE COOPERTIRES TESTED TESTED TESTED TOP RATED ALL-SEASON SNOW TEST TOP RATED OFF ROAD: TOP RATED WET TEST WET TEST EVERTREK RTX TOTAL TERRAIN A/T3 ON/OFF-ROAD 2 Equal Honthly DISCOVERER AT3 45 SES TRUE CONTACT TOUR ALL-SEASON 2 Equal Honthly Payments WRANGLER DURATRAC ON/OFF-ROAD 24 Equal Honthly Payments ALL-SEASON ALL-SEASON ON/OFF-ROAD 1EEqual Honthly Payments 2Equal Honthly Payments Paymets Paymients PROMO PROMO PROMO Рвоно РRене PROMO 157 26 629 9299. 31 371 מ 176 29 707 979 32oh 389 116 39 4679 814 27 ikeg 19 Ing S.en, TOCAL PCLN TES PAL P TRES AL PEA E MAL PRA TRES M PLA TRES ROAD RATED: 98.3 ROAD RATED: 99.2 ROAD RATED: 91.2 ROAD RATED: 94.6 ROAD RATED: 89.4 ROAD RATED: 95.7 % ZU"ON SELECTED TIRES SAVE 25"ON SELECTED TIRES SAVE YOKOHAMA MOTOMASTER MOTOMASTERE CERTIFIED WE DO NEW NEW WE D TOP RATED: WET TEST GEOLANDAR A/T GO15 ON/OFF-ROAD TOTAL TERRAIN W/T WINTERTREK AWI WINTER WINTER EN Equal Honthly Puyments ALL-SEASON 24 Equal Meny Pagents 39 th 12 Eal Hantly ment 16 i2 Equal Honthly PROMO 139 50 50 24 49 775" 16o. month month onth BaA 6495 g . 2016 PRAL PA IRES AL POA TIS AL PRICLA TS ROAD RATED: 89.1" ROAD RATED: 91.3 ROAD RATED: 91.8 ROAD RATED: 92.1 Applicable sales tax, tire dis posal fees and balancing not included, ATest resuits based on a Canadian Tire-managed pregram. Not intended as manufacturing elaim. For details visit Meets the RAC severe snaw conditions standard. RUBBERASSOCIATION OF CANADA. SPECIAL PAYMENT PLANS "No Fee, No tenest ayment plars e Serial payment plans), such asal paments pans and delered payment plas, are ony aalible di teguet on asoroved credit with a trangie" branded Mstercar sued by Caradan Tire Bark and an Duuses of tesat Eanadan Tie of S200 or more lechuding it cat itered does tot acorut uring the period of the slan: Hoatvet lwe do not teotrve he lull minrum dur ona staemert within 99 dars ol the date of thit salemeit, or any eveit el delault (other than a payment defauliocors under your Cardmenber Agreemert alspecial payment plars on your account will lerminale and O you will then be charped interest on the balances outstanding on sudh plans at ihe applicable regular annual te from he day er the date of your mert statement, and ( the balances outstanding will form pari of the balance due on that staiement. There is no adminittion fee tharged for entering into a spocial payment plan. Addiional lalormation "Equel Paymenes, No interest" fu 24morthe for punchases of 1500 or more and 12 montis for purthuses S200-SA99 (unles stted etrermise Not ailable on purdases asing a iea kade Options" Masiecarf. fach morth during an equal ayments plan you erequined ta pay that monh's equal payments plan instaiment in full by the de date Any ungaid portion net Reved by the due date will no kenger form part of the equal paynerts plan and interest wl ae on that amount Product avalablity. pricing, selection, and promobond offers may vary by store. Plese dhek your kocal tine lor valilt: Some produds me tune isembly and delery lad fme. Re prcs stouna Canadan Tie'ssgged r pics and are the prices at whih the produsts wl be ofleed by Caadan liet as e Nevener H,.Saretanadan Tiemariet condions CA Pies e thange thout notoe Certain ters may be subiect t additional tees or charpe, induding enionmental handing ior disposal lees which mar vany by Province For cntan promotonl tni such ai but not eiled lo soroal bon, derance and sonnil e atly for best seletion, na nanchecis arsbsttutesbe gun, e resere the ngt to imt suntes, 1o hachica, uttive or pricng ema, and unless oterwise ndicaled, to otfer andecks e ge eaert poduts where sdertised groducts areunavalble ar in the evet t adverising erors nthe lorm of elecunic Canadan Tre Money T Honei lo collect bonus l Honey you mut preseit a Hange Rri andiry lob, or e ny acproved Candes metd, a tme of puntae ot pa with a lange" Hilerad, hane Wird Meterca a ange"Word Ee Masdemad tou canmot coled paper Caradan Tim Mney on bens ofles, Aey bonus mutsersased en the bae rae ef colleting I Money, and wil be addd to wtver the Member would otherA ollect, without the bonus Not al tems soid at Carudian Tire ae eligible to sam i Muney Terns and condibom aoply to olcting and redeecuing Voil for mone infonmaton The oflered ale sesle of any borus prondton ofes ir edenstion transactions (I Money 5 toleted an the pretan amount f the putae Kanadan Tre name, loges and tademats e wned by Canadian Tire Corporaten Linited. nights erved "Sipping tees acply. Shipping lees and delivery times vary depending an location sive and weight of the tem)and is only avalable within the province of the Canadan Teretal locabon from which the tem man purchsed Sore Buk tes wil oly be deliveid witi a 100k di of the Sore Not avaae in Resonte E NL. Canditions and nestrictions o Vist s.caadiantecamdeie--hometni for more intormation. NGAMAD CAR SPECIAL PAYMENT from he day after the date of your ned statement at e picatle regule amal ae. Ofter subet ta change or cancetation without notice Hastencard, World Mastercand and Wrld Elte Mestercaed are registered tademarks, and the cinles design is a tademark of Mastercard international Incorporabed Bar dfer Applies to electronic Canadan Tre Money KT Moneyonly on qualtying puchas at Canadian Tre line locations and participating Husky stations when paying with your Iriangle" ndt cand and ase locatioes with your Iriange Reard cand, key hoh or ange" aco. terms and condees apely collecting and redeemng. Kellect per itre on premum huel when payng with the Irange" Worid Mastencand or Irangle" Worid Ete Macan. CI Moner is caleted on the unber of mhole Mes ol luel purhaed. The pested ate ta eollect (I Money is subjed to change without note and varies by iscation. Allematee Voukan olest paper Cansdan Tire Maney il you paywith hor debit and do not preent a Inangle Rrwards card, key fo Inangle aco or per witha hangle branded Maeat. Rate of cullecting paper Canadan Tiee Money varies viscation See local gas bar ler detalk. Tou cant let Baer Canaan Te Maney and eleonic Canaan Tre Money on me Same raadien Canan Tre Maney 5alleded onthe unter of whole es el lalpurchised PLANS LVER AE 15 "Including trade-in af eligible ald part. Seein store or anline for details. "NO FEE, NO INTEREST financing. Monthly pricing based on equal paryiments as specified above. Applicable sales tax, tire disposal fees and balancing natinchuded. See above for details. AVAVAVAZ ATAVAVAVAVAVAVAA

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