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thumbnail - Circulaire Calgary Co-op - 29 Février 2024 - 06 Mars 2024 - Produits soldés - gingembre, ananas, poulet, pizza, crème sure, crackers, sucre, sésame, ketchup, miel, Pepsi, Red Bull, L'Oréal, Garnier. Page 19.
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MEMBER EXCLUSIVE PRICING Member only instant savings throughout the store! Donia Grass Fed Butter 250g Select varieties Vert Simply Steam GRASS FED BUTTER 250g Select varieties BEURSE DE EACHER HOUR ALEARE Green Giant Simply Steam Frozen Vegetables OF CHANGE TERIYAK P.F. Chang's Sauce 350ml Select varieties illy INTENSO illy bleed Illy Coffee 250g Select varieties L'OREAL REVITALIFT TRALE POWER Minute Rice Family Pack 2.6kg GRASS FED BUTTER BEURAE DE VACHES NOURRIES ALHERBE 250 81 82 Pepsi Soft Drinks 6x222ml Select varieties Children's Advil PT. CHANCS KUNG PAO JUMBO Minute Rice if S Green Glase Geant vert Simply Steam ele mini mini mini L'Oréal and Garnier Face Care Select varieties & sizes FORS MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 949 illy CLASSICO illy bleed Junior Advil. Advil Children's Suspension 230ml and Junior Chewable Tablets 40's Select varieties PE CLIANCE 200 MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 13⁹⁹ Ush ini Fruit MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 19⁹ SESAME MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 449 MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 11⁹⁹ Crush mini MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 2$8 for GARNIGA Ⓡ MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 10% OFF MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 1749 COFFRES ENERE Dairyland SOUR CREAM CREME SURE Dairyland Sour Cream 450-500g Select varieties daiya GLUTEN-FREE PIZZA PIZZA SANS GLUTEN 322-492g Select varieties Ocean's PLAKED WHITE TUR 824 Daiya Plant-Based Frozen Pizza Ocenn's PACCIONS PAYMIAR Canola Oil Ocean's White Tuna 170g or Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes 796ml Select varieties Founders & Farmers Canola Oil 3L MADE GOOD Chocolate Drizzled Made Good Bars 120-150g Select varieties Dairyland SOUR CREAM CREME SURE MOTTS CLAMATO Mott's Clamato 1.89L Select varieties Children's Benadryl ALLERGY JUST FOR MUR GLEN Diced daiya GLUTEN FREE PIZZA PIZZA SANS GLUTEN BIM2 Just For Men Hair and Beard Care Select varieties MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 34⁹ YOUNDEIG VARSIRE Canola Oil JUST FOR VEN 18 MADE GOOD MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 6⁹⁹ ea Benadryl Allergy Relief Select varieties & sizes MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 2$7 for Benadryl ALLERGY-ALLERGIES LIQUI-GELS Granola Bars Quedine Op MOTTS CLAMATO MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 12⁹⁹ MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 2$7 for MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 4⁹⁹ ea AFTRA STRET Benadryl ALLERGY GHTTIME MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 10% OFF Joyya Milk IL Select varieties Marie Collondon's JOYYA JOYYA WUNGLIGHE PARTER SKINNED Newstrat PLX sp SWEET PINEAPPLE CHICKEN TERIYAKI BOWL BOL POULET TERIYAKI ANANAS SUCRE TULIS BreMood HONEY A 15, 50 Marie Callender's Bowls Chicken Teriyaki or Beef & Broccoli 349-355g Chelt's MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 12⁹⁹ Poligrip French's French's Ketchup 1.5L BeeMald HONEY/MIEL BeeMaid Honey 500g or Nuts to You Almond Butter 365ml Select varieties Goldfish CLASTED Chedda Goldfish Crackers 167-227g Select varieties LUIRLO Maric Bul POLIGRIP Bender's Nexcare 16 TENDER GINGER BEEF & BROCCOLI BOW BOL BOEUF ET BROCOLI INDRES GINGEMBRE MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 4⁹⁹ ea B Goldfish LOSSE W MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 4⁹⁹ ea 40g and Polident Overnight 40's Select varieties Nexcare Wound Care Select varieties & sizes MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 9⁹⁹ ea Cheddar MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 59⁹ Red Bull Energy Drinks 2$6 for 250ml Select varieties MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 2$6 for Bull POLIGRIP MEMBER EXCLUSIVE Comfort Stripe MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 5⁹⁹ ea Nexcare confort MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 10% WK18-PG.16

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