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QUALITY MEATS FOR LESS Chicken Thighs Fresh, 9.90/kg BIG PACK CHICKEN FARMERS OF CANADA LES PRODUCTEURS DE POULET CANADA 4.4.⁹ 49 Split Chicken Wings Fresh, 13.21/kg CHICKEN FARMERS OF CANADA SEAFOOD LES PRODUCTEURS DE POULET DU CANADA 2⁹99⁹9 5⁹9⁹⁹9⁹ lb OCEAN 29 WISE 100g Steelhead Fillet Fresh OCEAN 99 WISE 100g Cod Fillet Fresh Beef Rib Eye Steak or Roast, Fresh, Grass Fed, 28.64/kg 1299 OCEAN WISE Pork Loin Chop Boneless, Centre Cut. 13.21/kg Western Family Raw White Prawns Easy Peel, 41 to 50 Count, Frozen, 340g 999 ea 99 ea western family RAW WHITE PRAWNS MEDIUM 340 g 450 SALMON VILLAGE WHISKY WILD PINK SMOKED SALMON NUGGETS FULLY COOKED Naturally Smoked PEPITES DE SAUMON SAUVAGE FUME WILL ENTR 99 lb OCEAN WISE Salmon Village Wild Pink Smoked Salmon Nuggets Selected Varieties, 150g

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