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More offers. More points. Get the most offers when you: 1. Use the PC OptimumTM App Optimum™ 2. Check out the weekly flyer 3. Visit the digital coupon board pts pts (pts pts 6805 PRODUCT OF CANADA/PRG CARACANAGA 1 pts ONLINE FLAP CON Digital Coupon Pinsident's Chora llow P GOLDEN DORÉES UTTLE GEMS up to $60 PC Little Gems mini mixed, yellow or red potatoes 680 g 21247299001 EA/21247301001 EA 600 Pinda's Clo Chird Pe in total value MIXED LITTLE GEMS ASSORTIES RUBY LITTLE GEMS ROUSSES Peter Class Chi (hy) 08013 PCT OF CANADA/PROT CANADA CANADURA-0004-1 Save $1 with digital coupon CLICK FOR THIS COUPON AND MORE Shr Scan to see our complete digital flyer 3.99⁹ chicken breasts skinless bone-in or chicken wings family size 8.80/kg poitrines de poulet ou ailes de poulet 20168158 KG/20845719 KG SALE SAVE $2 LB 109⁹ fresh Atlantic salmon fillets family size 24.23/kg Fresh seafood items subject to availability. filets de saumon de l'Atlantique frais 20720065 KG ATLANTIC 199 2 Farmer's Market™ carrots or yellow onions product of Atlantic Canada, Canada no. 1 grade 3 lb bag carottes ou oignons jaunes Délices du Marché 20600927001 EA/20811994001 EA SALE SAVE UP TO Jamieson Omega-3 Select™ Jamieson vitamins or supplements selected varieties and sizes. each vitamines ou suppléments Jamieson 20342623 EA/21373974_EA BONUS Helps reduce 150-50 cholesterland 780 prebeart health 99 5.9⁹⁹9 €2.9⁹€ 8 inch pies selected varieties 635-750 g tarte de 8 po 21297475 EA McCain Superfries, breakfast or specialty potatoes selected varieties frozen 454-800 g Superfries, pommes de terre déjeuner ou de spécialité McCain 20324328002 EA/20798979_EA APPLE PIE TARTE AUX POMMES Jamieson 3 lb bag EXTRA STRENGTH Optimum $150 2.500 D3 Value N YELLOW ONIONS MOIGNONS JAUNES 1,500 FARMERS MARK: DELICES MARCHE CARROTS CAROTTES Dres Mark SALE SAVE $1.15 Coca-Cola or Pepsi soft drinks selected varieties 24x355 mL boissons gazeuses Coca-Cola ou Pepsi 20306687002 C24/20308197001 C24 Coca-Cola. McCain Bist PEPSI PEPSI PEPSI PEPSI PEPSI PEPSI 月 日 241 Coca-Cola Atlantic 1,000 when you buy 2 Superstore pork loin combination chops sirloin and rib portion bone-in, 4.39/kg côtelettes de longe de porc, combinaison de coupes, portions surlonge et bout de côtes 20822343 KG $1 Value McCain Superfries 51 Pirlet's Christ PC roast and ground coffee 875/930 or Pods 30's selected varieties café torréfié et moulu ou capsules PCMD 21033681 EA/21393374 EA GOURMET MEDIUM ROAST SALE SAVE $2 50% 1149 1299 349 1 lb 3,000 SALE SAVE $1.50 LB President's Choice COMPOSTABLE GOURMET WEST COAST DARK ROAST M, THE BATM $3 Value Ib medium ground beef family size 8.80/kg bœuf haché mi-maigre 20797926 KG Activia yogurt 650 g. Oikos yogurt 4x100 g or Minute Maid no sugar added lemonade 1.54 L selected varieties yogourt Activia, Oikos ou limonade sans sucre ajouté Minute Maid 20325132001 EA/20419715004 EA HOT PRICE SALE SAVE $2.50 LB 49 34⁹ 1.99⁹ SAVE THIS WEEK SAVE THIS WEEK 99 3.4⁹ 49 product of U.S.A. no. 1 grade 1 lb fraises 20049778001 EA ACTIVIA active probiotics HAK-BRASSE bikos D KOS 6509 Dr. Oetker Ristorante Glant or Casa di Mama pizza.vert 320-410 g or Green Giant vegetables or Valley Selections 400-750 g selected varieties frozen pizza Ristorante Valley ou Casa di Mama Dr. Oetker ou légumes Géant Vert ou Valley Selections storante 20296100001 EA 21022355 EA Flyer prices effective from Thursday, February 29th to Wednesday, March 6th, 2024. SEE BACK PAGE FOR DETAILS. RA 1

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